I am a Milwaukee-based artist with an appreciation for photography and history.  My art is a timeless representation of the past and the present. I have been doing photography since 2009 and have accumulated a vast library of images, from cityscapes and architecture, to nature and still life.

My vision has been to take my original photographs and turn them into one-of-a-kind pieces of fine art. Each photo is printed on paper and glued, face-down, on bare wood. Once the paper is removed, the image left behind is then distressed and stained. The finished piece is sealed with a gel medium to add dimension and also as a protective layer. Each finished piece is truly unique due to the grain in the wood and the manual nature of the process, ensuring that no two versions of an image will ever be exactly the same.

I hope you find as much joy in my art as I find in making it.


What is your return policy?


All sales are final. Due to the unique, manual process, there are no returns or refunds once payment has processed.

Where will you ship?


Shipping is available to all states within the continental United States.

Do you create art with other peoples' photos?


All art shown on this website features original photography. If you would like to discuss having one of your own photos turned into a piece of art, please email jrbuschimages@yahoo.com. Please note: Any personal photos must be original or include a release from the original photographer.

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