I am a Milwaukee-based, self-taught artist.  I create art inspired by nature and the natural world around us using India Ink and acrylic paint on canvas, wood panels, and paper. I also make Linoleum Cut prints. 

I am a Milwaukee based, self taught artist. I am currently creating a series of works titled "Knots and Grains" These pieces are illustrations using black india ink that depict sort of an abstract impression of things inspired by nature and the natural world around us. The curves and shapes are inspired by knots and wood grains. Each piece will start with an acrylic paint background usually consisting of bright colors that are blended together. The pieces are done on canvas, wood panels, and paper. The finished look is part psychedelic and part whimsical. examples of themes are trees, plants, and animals. 

I also create linoleum cut prints. The themes and subjects vary time to time. 

It all comes down to my love of art. When I was in high school, my favorite classes were Art classes. When I worked in an office type setting for 15 years, I was always doodling on sticky notes and note pads. It took me all these years to realize I really enjoy drawing and painting. I love discovering new art and artists. I like to meet artists and find out their stories and how they create their own art. I am always fascinated with what people come up with. 

Since 2014, I have been creating. I began with creating photographic laser jet image transfers on wood, using my original photography. I sold these pieces in local stores, art shows, and maker markets. In 2019 I started creating digital collaging, where I take many different photos I've taken and created one single composition. In Spring of 2020, our world was plagued by the Covid 19 Pandemic. I needed an outlet. so I began drawing and painting on my image transfers leaving behind parts of the original photo. This is how I evolved into full out drawing and painting! 


What is your return policy?


All sales are final. Due to the unique, manual process, there are no returns or refunds once payment has processed.

Where will you ship?


Shipping is available to all states within the continental United States.

Do you create art with other peoples' photos?


All art shown on this website features original photography. If you would like to discuss having one of your own photos turned into a piece of art, please email jrbuschimages@yahoo.com. Please note: Any personal photos must be original or include a release from the original photographer.