I am a Milwaukee-based, self-taught , Mixed Media Artist using my original photography to create original works of art. 

I am a self-taught, mixed media artist who uses my original photography to create unique works of art. I find inspiration in a variety of sources, including late 1960’s and early 70’s music posters, art nouveau style, Frank Lloyd Wright designs, abstract art, and the look of vintage photography and postcards. Since 2014, I have developed several distinct styles of work. Some of my photography is printed and turned into image transfers on wood. Those might be enhanced with scrap wood that is repurposed into a frame or they might be finished with some salvaged antique molding. I also enjoy enhancing transfers by using paint or ink to create geometric shapes or borders.

After being inspired while on vacation in 2019, I decided to start experimenting with digital collaging, where I layer or blend multiple pictures together to create a unique composition. With all the time available in 2020, creativity and experimentation have been both my therapy and outlet from the chaos of our world today. In addition to the image transfers and digital collages, I have used the extra time this year to expand to creating painted rocks, 3-D picture dioramas, and linoleum block prints.

At the core of everything I create is my photography. I love to capture the details of what I see around me, whether that’s a beautiful park, a historic building, a calm lake, or a native flower. I use those details as building blocks that form my final works.


What is your return policy?


All sales are final. Due to the unique, manual process, there are no returns or refunds once payment has processed.

Where will you ship?


Shipping is available to all states within the continental United States.

Do you create art with other peoples' photos?


All art shown on this website features original photography. If you would like to discuss having one of your own photos turned into a piece of art, please email jrbuschimages@yahoo.com. Please note: Any personal photos must be original or include a release from the original photographer.